User guide

We present the species list in alphabetical order to allow faster and easier use. Nomenclature follows the current version of The World Spider Catalog and all the nomenclature acts herein. We excluded nomen nudum and species inquirendae

Changes and updates are implemented regularly by the authors. We are grateful to anyone who would like to contribute, close gaps, correct errors or suggest the inclusion of more publications referring to the Italian spiders that may be found in scientific literature.

In addition to general taxonomical information, for each species we report:

  • The presence of the species in Mainland Italy (It), Sardinia (Sard) and Sicily (Sic). The archipelagos and the minor islands are not specified. In such cases, we refer to the region of local competence in Mainland Italy or to Sardinia or Sicily;
  • The indication of restricted distribution ranges: we label with "Endemic Italian" the species whose range is entirely included within the national borders. "Endemic" indicates the species with restricted range whose distribution falls both in Italy and in a neighbouring country.
  • By clicking on "info" you can visualize the available information about the Italian distribution of each species at the level of Province (we refer to 110 Italian Provinces, grouped in 20 Regions).
  • Whenever other information are available you can visualize them by clicking on "more details". In the near future, we aim to increase the resolution of the data, in particular concerning the distribution of endemic species.
  • A small camera () indicates the availability of images, whenever available.

In some cases, we include remarks with detailed information about:

  • The type locality and the distribution of endemic species;
  • Species cited in out-of-date works, whose presence in Italy needs to be verified;
  • Alien species;
  • Species or group of species of difficult identification in relation to problematic taxonomical issues.

The current version of the Catalog reports information about the Italian distribution at the level of Italian Province (we refer to 110 Italian Provinces in Italy, grouped in 20 Regions). We aim, in the near future, to increase the resolution of the data, in particular concerning endemic species.

In order to avoid the inclusion of doubtful species (incorrectly reported for Italy due to misidentifications or oversights), we omitted several taxa.
We report them, together with the reasons for their exclusion, in the separate list of "Omitted taxa".

In particular, we excluded:

  • Species inquirendae;
  • Misidentified species according to literature or to our direct check of the specimens;
  • Species whose occurrence in Italy is not plausible.