This catalog should be cited as follows:

Pantini P., Isaia M. (2019). the online Catalog of Italian spiders with addenda on other Arachnid Orders occurring in Italy (Arachnida: Araneae, Opiliones, Palpigradi, Pseudoscorpionida, Scorpiones, Solifugae). Fragmenta Entomologica, 51(2): 127-152. Online at, accessed on {date of access}.

Data use conditions

  • The authors will not be held responsible for the reliability of identifications or coordinate precision when available.

  • The authors will not be held responsible by the use given to the data.

  • Data cannot be used for profit activities. Use of the data for commercial or for-profit applications are permitted only via written permission from the authors.

  • Data are provided on an end-user basis. That is, data are provided to users, but should not be passed on to third parties or redistributed. It is explicitly forbidden to incorporate the data into other databases.

  • Proper acknowledgment of the data source is expected. The data use implies explicit acknowledgement which should be kept with any subsequent use of the data.

  • Data are provided under the understanding that it will not be used in prejudice to wild species and ecosystem balance.

  • Absence of a record does not always mean absence of a particular species from a particular point in space and time. Because biodiversity sampling is notoriously spotty, biased, and incomplete, understanding the positive-only nature of the data is critical to their proper use.

  • If you want to use a large part of the dataset for your own work (e.g. data for an entire family), please contact us.